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The Best Tamil Thriller Movie

The best tamil thriller movie is one that can keep the audience gripped until the end. With powerful performances and a taut screenplay, the movie explores human emotions.

Sigappu Rojakkal stars Kamal Haasan and Simran in the lead roles. The film is an engaging legal thriller that follows a school teacher who fights for justice against her convict father.

Deja Vu

The movie starts with a writer (Achyuth Kumar) storming into the police station drunk and claiming that the criminals from his fictional crime writings are now coming to life and threatening him. The cops shoo him away dismissing his complaint as a drunkard’s babble.

The film has a great opening and captivates you for most part of the first half but starts to lose steam as the plot progresses. Director Arvind Srinivasan has a good motive at the core but fails to pack it in a sensible screenplay towards the end.

Despite having some flaws in the story, this is a watchable thriller. Arulnithi delivers a brilliant performance while Madhoo also does a decent job. Achyuth Kumar is a welcome addition to the cast as well.

Etharkkum Thunindhavan

In Etharkkum Thunindhavan (ET), Suriya plays Kannabiran, a fearless lawyer who fights for women’s rights. He is a doting son to his parents, a law-abiding citizen and the go-to guy in the village when it comes to problems faced by women.

The film is based on the Pollachi sexual assault case, and director Pandiraj has succeeded in infusing family sentiments with punch dialogues and duet songs. D. Imman’s soundtrack adds zest, while R. Rathnavelu’s cinematography and Ruben’s editing are also commendable.

After Jai Bhim and Soorarai Pottru, ET is one of the rare occasions where Suriya delivers a performance that’s worth your time. He is commanding on screen, and he can deliver punch dialogues with ease. He is also a convincing fighter and the action sequences are also well executed.


A cliched revenge junk with pathetic cringy performances. The movie is poorly directed and lacks logic. It is not worth watching.

Amala Paul is good and gives a decent performance but the movie could have been better. The movie could have been a gripping thriller but it falls flat on many parts. The film is a one time watch only.

The script is full of loopholes and the whole movie falls apart because of its illogical events. There are few good moments though. Cinematography and music are good but it can’t make up for the poor script.

Naane Varuvean

Dhanush and Selvaraghavan’s reunion isn’t a total disaster but the film doesn’t quite live up to the expectations. Naane Varuvean starts off well, with a picture-perfect family living in the hilly town. But things soon turn sour when the daughter is possessed by a ghost and one of the twin sons turns into a murderer.

There are many chilling moments in the first half, and Selvaraghavan takes a paranormal route that is surprisingly devoid of tropes. But the second half turns into a generic revenge thriller that inspires little interest. The movie also echoes Kamal Haasan’s classic Aalavandhan, which was more rooted in psychological trauma. Still, Naane Varuvean is an entertaining film thanks to Dhanush’s terrific performance. It’s an interesting addition to the director’s repertoire, but it could have been better.


A remake of a sleeper hit Malayalam film, Anbirkiniyal works well on a number of levels. Keerthy’s performance is noteworthy as she carries off her character with grit and passion. Her scenes with her real-life father and lover Praveen Raja are impressive.

If you’re a fan of survival dramas, then you’ll enjoy this nail-biting tale. Unlike many movies, this one doesn’t overplay its genre to the point of getting shrill. Director Gokul keeps most of the chills intact, and he adds a little extra drama to make the story feel more complete.

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Thrillers: Suspense, Intense Conflict, and Character Development

The Thriller Movie Genre

The thriller genre contains subgenres such as mystery, crime fiction, slasher, and psychological thriller. It is open to a wide range of interpretation and allows for exploration of themes such as voyeurism, fear, and paranoia.

It features a vulnerable protagonist, often in a race against time. Thriller films feature twisty plot lines that leave audiences on the edge of their seats.


In a thriller film, suspense is key to keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The protagonist is placed in a menacing situation or mystery, usually with life itself at stake.

Thrillers often involve action and are fast-paced, with twists and turns to keep the audience guessing. There are several sub-genres of thriller, including a psychological thriller that focuses on the psychology of the main character and an action thriller with physical stunts like chases, fights, or races.

There are also political and legal thrillers, such as The Manchurian Candidate or North by Northwest. These types of thrillers are set in an actual or imagined world, with characters who represent two opposing sides and who audiences can identify with. These thrillers can be set in the present or future, as well as the distant past. They can be high-concept or simply cynical, like the espionage thrillers of Le Carre and Tom Clancy. Some thrillers even have elements of romance and suspense, such as Joanna Fluke’s Hannah Swensen series or Ellis Peters’ 12th century Brother Cadfael books.


Film is one of the most powerful media platforms for eliciting a variety of emotions from its audience, from heart-pounding excitement to blood-curdling fear. Thrillers deliver both with fast-paced action scenes and edge-of-your-seat plot twists.

Often thrillers involve a race against time with the protagonist’s life or freedom on the line. This adds a sense of urgency to the narrative, which keeps the story moving at a rapid pace and heightens the audience’s anticipation for the climax.

Thrillers also tend to feature exotic or international locations to heighten the sense of danger and intrigue. In addition, they often include a “cat-and-mouse” game between the protagonist and their menacing antagonist. Unlike the more flamboyant gangster films of the 1930s, which drew a clear line between the criminal and straight worlds, the thriller genre creates a double world that is both exotic and familiar. This makes it more of a metagenre that blends with other genres like crime, fantasy, and sci-fi than an individual genre.

Intense Conflict

Thrillers typically involve situations in which the protagonist is at an overwhelming disadvantage against a powerful enemy. This creates a sense of suspense and anticipation in the audience, as they wait to find out if the protagonist will prevail over the villain. In many cases, the protagonist is in a race against time, which heightens the tension and suspense.

Typically, thrillers feature characters with extreme psychological disorders, such as psychopaths and people with split personalities. This helps create an eerie and unsettling atmosphere, as the audience is unsure whether these characters will harm other people or themselves.

Some thrillers also use multiple points of view, which adds to the eerie and mysterious atmosphere. For example, Gillian Flynn’s novel “Gone Girl” switches the narration between the protagonist and her missing wife. This increases the tension and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats as they wait for the hero to discover the truth about the missing wife’s disappearance.

Character Development

The plot may be the most important element in a thriller, but good characters also drive these stories forward. Characters should be relatable, complex, and intriguing to readers. They must be strong enough to face the obstacles they will encounter, but also have flaws that make them more realistic.

Often, the protagonists of thrillers are underdogs against a powerful enemy. This creates tension and makes the audience root for them. Thrillers also feature remote or isolated settings to create a sense of danger and claustrophobia.

In addition, thrillers often use stock characters to represent specific ideas or themes. For example, the naive and trusting stock character might be used to symbolize innocence or goodness, while the street-wise and cynical stock character might be used to symbolize wisdom or caution. Additionally, thrillers often use symbolism to create a sense of unease and suspense. These symbols might include a mysterious, supernatural presence or a recurring nightmare. The best thrillers are able to combine these elements seamlessly to create an engaging story.

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Retired hitman dragged back into deadly game with terrorists

Irish Thriller Movies

The Oscar-winning Liam Neeson is set to star in this thriller about a retired hitman who finds himself dragged back into the game of deadly cat and mouse with three vengeful terrorists. The film will be shot in Clare and Galway.

Monument Ave. shows the hard-bitten underbelly of Boston’s Irish mob. Colm Meaney plays a Whitey Bulger-like gangster, and Famke Janssen is his low-level moll.

Hunger Strike (1981)

In a time when most British films are aesthetically flat and thematically unambitious, Steve McQueen’s debut work offers a bold tonic. He leans heavily on visual filmmaking language, showing rather than telling, and the result is mesmerising and both horrifying and beautiful.

It focuses on the Irish Republican Army prisoner Bobby Sands, who died in 1981 after an eight-month hunger strike demanding political status that the British government never granted. McQueen builds tension patiently with extended wordless takes that captivate the viewer.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley (1980)

The Wind That Shakes the Barley depicts the Irish guerilla war and civil war that followed the 1920s Declaration of Independence. Its main characters are IRA members Teddy and Damien, whose lives are interrupted by the ruthless Black and Tan squads sent from England to squelch Ireland’s bid for independence.

The film emphasizes how women are affected by the conflict. They are subject to reprisals that include having their hair crudely sheared.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (1980)

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a heart-warming (read: emotionally manipulative) story of a doomed friendship between two pre-teen boys. However, it is riddled with historical inaccuracies – from the tweeness of the name Schmuel to Bruno’s naiveté about Hitler and Auschwitz.

Asa Butterfield gives a strong and convincing performance as Bruno. Vera Farmiga is also excellent as his tight-lipped mother.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley (1986)

In 1920s Ireland, Teddy and Damien (Padraic Delaney and Cillian Murphy) are brothers with differing views of the path to Irish independence. When Damien witnesses British soldiers kill a man for not giving them his name, he abandons his plans to pursue medical studies in London and joins the IRA.

Loach and writer Paul Laverty examine the intertwining of class and national struggles in this powerful film. Its significance is still felt today.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley (1990)

Stunning cinematography and thought-provoking narrative make this an essential film. Whether you’re a history buff or simply looking for an engaging story, The Wind That Shakes the Barley is sure to leave an impact.

Set in rural 1920s Ireland, this film tells the story of two brothers, Teddy and Damian. Driven by their desire for independence, the men join a volunteer guerrilla army to battle Britain’s ruthless Black and Tan squads.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley (1993)

The Wind That Shakes the Barley is a deeply emotional and tragic film. It shows the effects of war on everyone involved, whether they fight or just watch.

It depicts the IRA’s struggle for independence with an emphasis on historical accuracy and a story that will resonate with international audiences. It features powerful performances from Cillian Murphy and Liam Cunningham, as well as a screenplay by Paul Laverty.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley (1995)

This film is significant because it illustrates the intertwining of the national and class struggle in an effort to throw off imperialism. Moreover, Loach and Paul Laverty avoid romanticizing the characters’ bravery and idealism by showing their contradictions and human frailties.

In 1920s Ireland, pacifist Damien (Cillian Murphy) is forced into the IRA by the brutality of British soldiers known as Black and Tans. The resulting violence tears families apart and pits brothers against each other.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley (1998)

The Wind That Shakes the Barley is a powerful drama about Ireland’s struggle for independence. Director Ken Loach and screenwriter Paul Laverty resist the temptation to romanticize violence, emphasizing instead the characters’ contradictions, inconsistencies and human failings>>.

Cillian Murphy and Orla Fitzgerald give outstanding performances. Although some in Britain have criticized the depiction of Black and Tan brutality, this film is more concerned with the divisions that emerged among Irish revolutionaries.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley (1999)

A chaste love story and plenty of bloodletting mark this movie from director Ken Loach. The film chronicles a pair of Dublin neighbours who go off to fight for the IRA until a truce and Anglo-Irish Treaty come between them. It features excellent performances from Kelly O’Neill and Shane Curry.

Liam Neeson stars as a recently retired assassin who finds himself embroiled in a lethal game of cat and mouse with a trio of terrorists. Co Donegal’s Ciaran Hinds also appears.

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Tamil Thriller Movies: Kaithi, Papanasam, Vada Chennai, Aaranya Kaandam

A Thrilling Action-Adventure Movie in Tamil

A thriller is a genre of film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. These movies range from adrenaline-heavy dramas to smart heist romps. Whether you’re looking for an exciting crime movie or a modern horror, Tamil cinema has plenty to offer.

Check out this list of the best thriller movies in tamil. These films are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with their gripping storylines and powerful performances.


After impressing with his debut film Maanagaram, director Lokesh Kanagaraj delivers another thrill ride. Unlike most Tamil action films, Kaithi has the requisite soul and purpose. It’s a racy, punchy, and non fussy action movie that is riveting from start to finish. Karthi delivers a strong performance as Dili and the rest of the cast is terrific.

It’s a no-holds-barred action thriller set in the night. It is Kamal Haasan’s Virumandi meets Die Hard and Assault on Precinct 13. The premise sounds ridiculous on paper, but Lokesh Kanagaraj makes it work.

The movie’s first act sets up the world with a little girl waiting for a visitor, cop Bejoy (Narain) busting a drug gang and Dili being handcuffed by his henchmen. Lokesh Kanagaraj knows how to build tension, and he keeps it up throughout the film. The film also includes some great cinematography by Sathyan Sooryan and gripping editing by Philomin Raj. It is a must-watch for fans of the genre.


Papanasam is a small picnic spot in the town of Tirunelveli. It is also a famous pilgrimage place and has many tourist attractions. Its water is said to have the power to redeem sins, and the forests surrounding it contain 108 herbs. It is a great place to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Papanasanathar Temple in Papanasam is a popular shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. The lingam in the shrine is believed to have appeared from a kala tree. The temple is located on the banks of the Thamirabarani River. The village is also known for its Papanasanathar Siva Temple, Agasthiyar Falls, and the Papanasam Dam.

Papanasam is a 2015 Indian Tamil-language crime thriller film directed by Jeethu Joseph, and is a remake of his 2013 Malayalam film Drishyam. It stars Kamal Haasan, Gautami Tadimalla, Kalabhavan Mani, Esther Anil, Asha Sarath, and Roshan Basheer. It is produced by Rajkumar Sethupathi and Suresh Balajee.

Vada Chennai

Vada Chennai is the most authentic gangster drama that Tamil cinema has seen. The film takes us on a journey into the underbelly of rowdyism in North Chennai. Dhanush and Vetrimaaran — who seem to get better with every film — once again team up for this gripping 166-minute story of a man who gets drawn into the mafia gang world.

The film has all the classic elements of a gangster film: a reluctant hero, warring rival gangs, scheming politicians, and a femme fatale. The film’s cast is top-notch, with Dhanush delivering a terrific performance as Anbu. He is backed by solid performances from Samuthirakani, Daniel Balaji, Kishore, and Pawan.

A special mention must go to art director Jacki, whose set design adds a grit to the film. Velraj’s cinematography is also outstanding, with a lot of emphasis on using dark tones. Santhosh Narayanan’s background score also does a fantastic job in adding to the tension of the film.

Aaranya Kaandam

The first neo-noir movie in Tamil, Aaranya Kaandam explores the lives of criminals in northern Chennai. The story centers around gangster Singaperumal (Jackie Shroff), who presides over a group of ruthless men. He asks his men to illegally poach drugs from a broker and, in the process, a woman loses her thumb. The film uses tracking shots, time splices, low-angle shots, and dutch angle shots to show how the characters’ surroundings offer cues to their state of mind.

Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s screenplay for Aaranya Kaandam is taut, and each character has a distinct personality. Jackie Shroff’s performance is impressive, and Sampath Raj also shines as a gangster. The only drawback is that the heroine Subbu is miscast. Her body language, dialogue delivery, and acting are all too theatrical for the film. But, that is a minor complaint. The rest of the cast is excellent. Aaranya Kaandam is a riveting thriller that surpasses the usual cliches seen in mafia dramas.

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1. Deconstructing Jesse James: A Cruel and Cowardly Myth 2. Theater-as-Journalism: The Thrilling Portraits of Anna Deavere Smith 3. The Bourne Identity: An Enjoyable and Intelligent Thriller 4. The Bourne Supremacy: A Kinetically Charged and Action-Packed Sequel 5. The Bourne Legacy: A Disappointing Entry in the Espionage Thriller Genre 6. The Bourne Identity 2: A Solid Thriller with Compelling Performances 7. The Bourne Legacy 3: Merging Gritty Detective Stories with Action 8. The Bourne Supremacy 4: Navigating Shadowy Waters of International Espionage 9. The Bourne Identity 5: A Critical and Commercial Success with a Mysterious Agent 10. The Bourne Legacy 6: Jeremy Renner Shines as a Conflicted Hero

Great Action and Thriller Movies

Whether it’s Liam Neeson fighting off a pack of wolves or a tough cop tracking down a serial killer, great action and thriller movies are full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.

These films usually put the protagonist(s) in a menacing situation from which escape seems impossible.

1. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

The action thriller relies on high-stakes, risky situations and a resourceful hero who’s a one-man army against an indestructible villain. It also uses lots of fast cutting and witty banter.

The film deconstructions the Jesse James myth, showing a man who is normally portrayed as a Robin Hood-esque antihero as a cruel, paranoid thug and coward. Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck both give outstanding performances.

2. The Assassination of Anna Deavere Smith

Playwright Anna Deavere Smith collects stories through interviews and portrays them onstage in curated displays of American character. She calls it theater-as-journalism or anthropologic performance.

Thrillers use plot twists to build suspense, while action movies include scenes of people in risky situations or high-concept themes like terrorism or trained assassins. The genre has grown into tent-pole films, including the Fast and Furious franchise.

3. The Bourne Identity

Amid the countless direct-to-video action flicks that clutter video store shelves (and which often feature an inexplicable plot), Doug Liman delivers an enjoyable, intelligent thriller.

Matt Damon stars as Robert Ludlum’s amnesiac assassin, whose life is threatened when his identity is discovered. The film borrows some characters, scenes and plot points from its print inspiration, but avoids being overly repetitive — a problem with the 1988 miniseries starring Richard Chamberlain.

4. The Bourne Supremacy

The second film in the Jason Bourne series moves even more kinetically than its predecessor, with long chase and fight sequences. Its PG-13 rating and toned down language means less sex, but the violence remains heavy and calculated.

Doug Liman (Swingers) is able to present these scenes in a crisp fashion that avoids the murkiness of many other action films. Matt Damon continues to be a compelling, morally ambiguous action hero.

5. The Bourne Legacy

After a bit of a hiatus the Bourne films return with this one. Jeremy Renner does a good job of not trying to replicate Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne character.

Unfortunately, this film fails to live up to the standards set by its predecessors. Writer-director Tony Gilroy owes the franchise a lot of debt that it cannot possibly repay. A disappointing entry in the espionage thriller genre.

6. The Bourne Identity 2

While it doesn’t quite reach the heights of its predecessor, this second installment is still a solid thriller. Damon is again compelling in the title role, never falling into macho clichés. The standout scene is the climax, a wild car chase shot in frenetic style by Paul Greengrass.

He eschews movie star vanity to deliver a close-cropped performance. Joan Allen and Julia Stiles are on point as well.

7. The Bourne Legacy 3

As the 1970s progressed, gritty detective stories began to merge with action. This resulted in films such as Dirty Harry, which pushed star Clint Eastwood out of his cowboy typecasting.

The Bourne Legacy is set after the events of the Treadstone program that spawned amnesiac superspy Jason Bourne. This Tony Gilroy film stars Jeremy Renner as agent Aaron Cross, who is forced to go on the run after the Outcome project is shut down by Eric Byer (Edward Norton)..

8. The Bourne Supremacy 4

The second film in the series sees Bourne once again navigating the shadowy waters of international espionage. He coolly maneuvers around CIA plots and turncoat agents as he attempts to recover his splintered memories.

Matt Damon stars as Bourne, an amnesiac operative trained in the CIA’s Operation Treadstone programme. The film also features Joan Allen as Pamela Landy, Brian Cox as Ward Abbott and Karl Urban as Kirill.

9. The Bourne Identity 5

The first film in the Bourne franchise was a critical and commercial success. It stars Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, an agent suffering from psychogenic amnesia.

Its sequels, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, were also well received by critics. The fourth film, The Bourne Legacy, starred Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, who received similar training to Bourne in a programme called Operation Outcome.

10. The Bourne Legacy 6

The Bourne Legacy is a well-rounded thriller that showcases Jeremy Renner’s talent as a conflicted hero. It ends with him skimming a map on a boat and wondering where to go next, leaving us wanting more.

Director Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon reunited for the sequel Jason Bourne, released in 2016. A lot of fighting happens, and it’s all a lot of fun.

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